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About dtw Research, Inc.

Founded in 1983, dtw Research concentrated on conducting telephone, check and mail surveys as well as focus groups and in-depth interviews with healthcare and patient populations. In the early 1990’s, dtw launched the very first method of conducting surveys “on-line”. Initially, this new and innovative method was a hard sell, but it is now considered a market research standard.

Our qualitative research focuses on “the message” healthcare professionals are exposed to, be it from a sales representative, the FDA, or the news media.

We are the industry leader in global visual marketing intelligence and surveillance. Our premier product, CDP: WorldWide, is the most comprehensive online database of pharmaceutical promotional materials for the global pharmaceutical industry, providing full subscribers with access to over FOUR MILLION scanned images.

Many facets of the marketing mix are captured within our service, from physician to DTC, Managed Care to Pharmacy, NP and PA to Conventions and online E-Communications. Syndicated and custom analysis projects and online research expertise complement the comprehensive CI database, all of which represent our core competencies and specialties.

  At A Glance

  •  More than 30 years in pharmaceutical and medical research
  •  Customer focused and ready to assist with all competitive intelligence needs
  •  Analysis and studies of pharmaceutical promotional materials dating from 1996
  •  47,723 trade names have been analyzed in over 184 different classifications of marketing materials
  •  Over 14,000 health professionals contribute to our global market research
  •  Client focused team delivers customized research and analytics