Established in 1996, CDP: WorldWide has become the largest and most trusted visual database of pharmaceutical promotional materials. Our online library provides competitive intelligence and surveillance for healthcare provider (HCP), direct to consumer (DTC), and social media marketing. Subscribers have on demand access with customizable e-Alerts for targeted content. Online and onsite training is available. CDP: WorldWide is comprised of two products: CDP: Digital & Print and CDP: Social Media.
Covering digital and print promotions sent to HCPs or consumers, CDP: Digital & Print contains hundreds of thousands of unique promotional materials sourced from our extensive and diverse panel of HCPs.
Focusing on social media platforms, CDP: Social Media is an aggregation of pharmaceutical posts and advertisements including branded, corporate, and disease state education posts as well as targeted ads.

Additional Services

  • Custom Search Request
    Choose your products, indication, or therapeutic areas, and we'll conduct a custom search.
  • CDP: WorldWide Demonstration
    Want to learn more about CDP: WorldWide or need a refresher on its uses? Contact us, we're happy to help!
  • Cover Image Queries
    Stay up to date with visuals used within pieces for creative differentiation to keep new campaigns fresh and unique.
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Digital and Print Analytics

Digital and print CDP: SnapShot reports provide quarterly analysis of materials in the CDP: Digital & Print database for all therapeutic subcategories. These reports offer a visually enhanced briefing of the competitive landscape for multiple geographical areas. Research includes identifying key messages and positioning for each product, marketing channel utilization, and promotional shifts in competing products.

Latest SnapShot Reports

  • US Reports
  • Q1 2024 OC, EC, & Pan-Tumor dMMR Market
  • Q1 2024 Social Media: Transthyretin Cardiomyopathy/ATTR/hATTR
  • Q1 2024 Hybrid: Diabetes Glucagon Products
  • Q1 2024 Menopause/ERT/HRT + VVA Market
  • Q1 2024 Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD)
  • International Reports
  • Q1 2024 EU OC, EC, & Pan-Tumor dMMR Market
  • Q1 2024 EU Leukemia & Lymphoma
  • Q1 2024 EU Pneumococcal Vaccines
  • Q1 2024 EU Lymphoma
  • Q1 2024 Ex-US Biologics for GI
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Industry Trends & Custom Reporting

  • Prelaunch to Launch Evolution
    Examines pre-launch market shaping and disease state awareness campaigns.
  • Branding Evolution
    Details how a brand's HCP and DTC campaigns have evolved over a period of time.
  • Patient Assistance Programs
    Compares and contrasts benefit programs offered to patients, caregivers, and physicians.
  • Pan-Indication
    Focuses on a single brand's messaging across all approved therapeutic areas of focus.
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Social Media Analytics

Social media CDP: SnapShot reports provide a quarterly analysis of the creative and unique multichannel marketing initiatives that the pharmaceutical industry is utilizing for patient centric market trends. These reports highlight advocacy partnerships, disease awareness campaigns, social media marketing, mobile applications, celebrity sponsorship and more. Additionally, social media metrics are tracked to show what type of content creates the most engagement.
Tracked Social Media Metrics
  • Share of Voice
  • Engagement by Platform
  • Followers by Platform
  • Media Type
  • Branded vs Non-Branded Posts
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The sales force is one of the largest components of pharmaceutical marketing. It is vital that a message is properly communicated and received by healthcare professionals. Our surveys are designed specifically to encourage the most accurate and robust message recall for key points delivered during a sales call. With contextual analysis, we are able to create a link between doctors' responses and the corresponding material within CDP: WorldWide. This provides a clear picture of the message recalled by a physician versus what the corporate market had intended to relay.


  • Message View
    Gather a prospective summary of your competitors' current message.
  • Compliance Research
    Check your sales forces' product message delivery and FDA compliance.
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