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Our client team members.  Headshots coming soon!

dtw's Client Team devotes their extensive industry experience and knowledge to providing our clients with the most timely access to promotional materials, news and insights.

We are focused on providing our clients with the best possible customer service experience.

Get to know the talented and innovative team helping lead dtw into the future.

Pam Statile


Pam has been conducting message recall studies since 1989. A career market researcher, Pam’s experience in healthcare began in 1978 when she joined a marketing research consulting company specializing in the clinical laboratory industry. She expanded her career into the pharmaceutical industry in 1986 when she joined the marketing research department at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. She went on several years later to serve as a Vice President of Syndicated Studies, including Fastape, at Market Measures. In 1994, Pam joined dtw Research, Inc. and pioneered the launch of the first online method for collecting sales message recall data - CD Promo Message View (formerly PMRD). Pam has extensive experience in the design and implementation of online messaging studies, and is intricately involved in the survey design, sample selection and management of all CD Promo Message View and Compliance Studies.

Christine Alongi

SVP, Competitive Intelligence Services & Business Development

Christine Alongi actively oversees the strategy, implementation and expansion of all aspects of the US based CD Promo WorldWide client offerings including custom and syndicated online research, annual subscriptions and support of CD Promo WorldWide clients. For nearly 20 years Christine has expanded the client base for CDP WorldWide substantially across US-based pharmaceutical firms. She was instrumental in the creation and launch of dtw’s highly successful Snapshot division and Compliance/Regulatory research offerings. Her pharmaceutical product knowledge spans across over 100 therapeutic areas. Most recently, Christine has served on the new member recruitment committees for both the PMRG and PBIRG. She is an active and enthusiastic participant in corporate-sponsored vendor fairs and networking events including the PMRC, Pharma CI, HBA, PMRG and PBIRG.

Prior to her work at dtw, Christine was employed at PACE, Inc., a division of Lowe McAdams Healthcare, as a member of the Account Services team. Her responsibilities at PACE, Inc. ranged from project management of national speaker’s bureaus to assisting with the development of new promotional campaigns for her clients. Her earlier positions included work with the March of Dimes as Division Director, Skylands Region.

Robin Cefalo, MS, MT (ASCP) DLM

VP, Global Competitive Intelligence Services

Robin joined the staff of dtw in May 2000 and has been responsible for the launch of CD Promo WorldWide in 5 major European markets and Canada. She manages subscription services and special projects in these and other allied health markets. Working with both industry and agency clients, Robin’s expertise lies in the nuances of the global promotional market including promotional analytics and the identification and tracking of global launches. Prior to dtw, Robin served as a Health System Analyst at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics where she consulted in clinical laboratories of major health systems in the Northeast. She is also an active member of the PBIRG, EphMRA and HBA.

David Gower

Executive Director, Information Technology

David joined the staff in 2010 in the capacity of Data Center Manager. Currently, David leads the IT department as Executive Director, Information Technology. David has a wide range of IT experience encompassing desktop support, network administration, networking, and project management in everything from small businesses to large corporate environments.

Ami Gold

Director, Survey Implementation & Data Processes

Ami joined dtw in 2003. She is responsible for CDPMV message recall survey design including programming, survey deployment and data analysis. She is responsible for implementing Unicom Systems, Inc (previously SPSS Predictive Analytics Software). Prior to dtw, Ami served as a Information Systems Analyst at Atlantic Health System where she was responsible for programming, implementation and administration of the Laboratory Information System.

Jane Bailey

Executive Director, CDP WorldWide Operations

Jane joined dtw in 2000 and now serves as Executive Director of CD Promo Operations. Her responsibilities include the day-to-day management of the production team and database content, coordinating with sales and client services, and overseeing the Key Message team.

Martha Foster

Financial Manager

Martha joined dtw in May of 2014 as assistant to the Executive Director of Financial Services & Human Resources. In 2018, Martha assumed the duties of Financial Manager. Her responsibilities encompass all areas of financial concerns for dtw. She is also a Notary Public in the state of Florida.

Justin Wehmeyer

Senior Manager, Survey & Client Management Programming

Justin has been a fixture in the dtw team since 2005. He began as a member of CD Promo WorldWide’s production team and quickly became a part of the CD Promo Message View team in survey programming and data analysis. In addition, Justin is also a key component to the technical and account support for the CD Promo WorldWide service.

Matt Wetzel

Director, Corporate Operations

Matthew Wetzel joined dtw in June 2013 after graduating from Union College with a BA majoring in economics. Currently, he is the manager of CD PROMO Analytics and oversees all SnapShot reports as well as managing internal process such as human resources, security, and building operations.

Andrew Carney

Senior Analyst

Andrew joined dtw in 2005 as a member of CD Promo WorldWide's production team. When he completed university, he began his career at Prudential Insurance and from there moved on to Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies. At Honeywell, Andrew utilized SAP and to provide sales and logistical analysis for Honeywell's international sales force. In 2013, Andrew returned to dtw and currently serves as a junior analyst where he is involved in all of dtw’s analytical endeavors. Andrew actively participates in physician and sales rep recall studies, CD Promo SnapShot Analysis, and helped pioneer CD Promo Contextual Analysis.

Jenn Gower

Director, Contract Management

Jenn joined dtw in 2013 to coordinate and streamline the contracts process. In her role, she works closely with the sales team, legal counsel, and financial services to facilitate the annual subscription process.

Ashley Flick

Director, Client Services

Ashley joined dtw Research in 2014 to coordinate and direct the client service initiative at dtw Research. In her role, she facilitates client outreach and awareness, supports and collaborates with the sales team, and participates in the marketing effort

Thomas S. Schaffer

Production Manager, CD Promo Analytics

Thomas joined dtw in October 2013 after graduating from Union College with a BA majoring in history with a minor in computer science. Thomas assists in the production and management of diverse dtw promotional reports including CD Promo SnapShot and coordinates with the IT department to develop and maintain the internal SnapShot website.

James Harris

Panel Manager

James joined in 2013 after graduating Union College with a BA in Economics and is responsible for management and maintenance of our HCP Panel Database. Our Panel members contribute to both our primary research projects as well as CD Promo and James works together with our Survey Directors and the CD Promo team, to ensure that our database resources are always available when needed.

Monica Sites

Office Manager

Monica joined dtw in December 2013 just after dtw relocated to Florida. Her responsibilities span a broad array of activities ranging from receptionist to sales support, and she is instrumental in the facilitation of all day-to-day tasks.