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For over 20 years, dtw has been the leader in information recall studies among health care providers. Whether it's recall of the sales message, the news media or other information outlets, we cover it all.

Unlike many market research companies, dtw never "farms out" any project steps, and because we have our own panel, we protect against over-surveying the same physicians. We have healthcare professionals on staff to assist with coding and all project work is managed by senior staff.

Call us today for more information on current syndicated studies or ask about propriety studies.

Additional Products

  • Message View
    Gather a prospective summary of your competitors' current message.
  • Compliance Research
    Check your sales forces' product message delivery and FDA compliance.
  • Launch Pad
    Test physicians' impressions of newly-approved pharmaceutical products.
  • Impact Assessment
    Measure the impact of media coverage in the Pharmaceutical business sector.
  • Aware-Trak
    Gauge a physician's overall awareness of products as they near FDA approval.
  • Concept-Test
    Verify the uniqueness of your ideas and new promotional concepts.
    Measure your sales forces' understanding of current marketing strategies.

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