CD Promo WorldWide

Since 1996, dtw's CD Promo WorldWide database has been providing the pharmaceutical marketplace with the competitive intelligence needed to make important strategic decisions.

Our competitive intelligence and surveillance coverage spans many audiences from physician to pharmacy and managed care to consumers.

Our coverage spans seven countries and more than 100 different types of promotional materials.

Online subscriptions with customizable E-alerts are available for all therapeutic categories.

Personalized attention by our dedicated solution-oriented staff ensures that you have the most complete overview of your competitors’ messaging.

Additional Products

  • Custom Search Request
    Choose your product, and we'll conduct a custom search.
  • E-Alerts
    Track products of interest and be alerted via email when they become available in CD Promo WorldWide.
  • Hard Copy
    Receive monthly delivery of hard-copy promotional materials in the therapeutic areas of interest to you.

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